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Based in Oakland, California, Helen & Faye’s Kitchen launched its first roasting sauce flavor, Brown Sugar and Garlic, and it captures the Asian-inspired roasting experience for Dungeness Crab and seafood. Roasting Dungeness crab is a popular cooking method in Northern California, specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area.
This meaty delicacy is predominantly found on the West Coast, coming down the shores of the chilly Pacific Ocean waters from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California as early as November of every year. Traditionally, Dungeness crab would require hours of preparation by an experienced chef. With Helen & Faye’s Kitchen roasting sauce, seafood lovers can forget the rigorous recipes, shopping for goods, messy pots, as Helen & Faye Kitchen has produced the very first roasting sauce specifically for Dungeness crab and seafood.

Glaze the roasting sauce on the crab and seafood, add four tablespoons of water for dipping sauce, and place in the oven at 425 degrees, and 15 minutes later, your entire meal is ready. This sauce took eight years to perfect, but Helen & Faye’s Kitchen took the time to provide the best ingredients for a roasting sauce that uniquely pairs with Dungeness Crab, lobster, and seafood.